The Uk's Leading Experts In Park Wi-Fi Solutions

Providing Park and Marina owners with robust, commercial grade networks delivering high speed broadband connection to the whole site. We provide full data management, billing platforms and an unparalleled customer/end user experience with support direct to user by our 24/7 systems support team

Additional Income

Through a monthly revenue share and excellent visitor satisfaction the Wi-Fi service will generate significant additional income to your business

Guest Wi-Fi

Full high speed guest Wi-Fi across your entire site, with a simple guest portal and 24/7 customer support line

High Speed Internet

We will provide you a guaranteed high speed connection no matter what your location through our experienced engineering team and proven connection systems

Benefits Of Benington Wi-Fi

Very Happy Customers!

Near the top of the list of all todays guest requirements is an excellent WiFi service

Excellent Wi-Fi Service Delivers

  • Increased bookings & occupancy Percentages
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved site reviews and customer feedback
  • Additional revenue
  • A secure network for your offices and guests.
  • A direct marketing opportunity to your customers & Visitors

Full Site Wi-Fi Coverage

The network we design specifically for you will give coverage other providers can’t match, by utilising specialist equipment combined with our teams unique industry experience we deliver excellent connectivity over the entire site, even in tree covered areas and in aluminium and steel walled accommodation!

24/7 Support Line

With our park support and user helpline you can rest assured that your guests are being looked after by the Benington support team 24/7. Whether its help with their device or asking a question about the Wi-Fi, our support team will be happy to help

  • User support
  • Park team support
  • Network support

Our Guest Portal

With our easy to use signup page your guests will be able to get connected in no time… which combined with our 24/7 support relieves your management team of all those questions regarding Wi-Fi!

  • User Friendly
  • Secure Payment Process
  • Personalised to your Park
  • 24/7 direct support to your customers

High Speed Internet For Your Site

We provide you with a guaranteed high speed connection no matter what your location

By using our proven connectivity options we can bring high speed internet to you no matter how remote your location, giving your office a high speed internet connection and allowing guests to watch movies, play games and work hassle free

  • Fibre Lines
  • Microwave Links
  • Leased Lines
  • Combined 4G Connection

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