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Holiday makers and live-aboard residents today expect high speed wireless internet access wherever they stay − and wherever they go. If they are in their Boat, a common area or even in the clubhouse, they still expect to be able to use a wireless laptop, Tablet or smartphone − to surf the internet, have an online chat with friends, check their email or access their office computer

Connectivy solution

We can provide your Marina with a new connectivty option for faster broadband services

Carrier Grade Network

We install carrier grade networks for Marina all over the Uk

Customer Support

We offer 24/7 support to your Marina and your guests

Connection Options

Leased Lines

We've partnered up with leading telecoms experts to bring fibre broadband to our customers for affordable prices.


Working with the leading satellite providers we are able to connect you anywhere in the country

4G solutions

We offer 4G solutions for fast high speed internet connection across the site

End to end provider

Our End to End services provides you with a full managed network with a high speed internet connection