24/7 Monitoring

Our services include 24/7 monitoring for all our valued Customers.

Following our site survey and installation, we add your site to our Network Operations Centre, to ensure your site is maintained throughout our partnership to deliver a great experience to you and your customers.

In our partnership with you, it’s comforting to know that for every customer you have that takes up WiFi subscriptions, that we’ve got it covered with our monitoring – protecting both your investment and improve your rating with a great WiFi experience; while providing an additional income stream for your Park.

Remote Monitoring allows us to:

  • Maintain your WiFi Network
  • Carry out routine updates for your equipment
  • Resolve issues with any outage quickly
  • Remote reconfigurations to upgrade or add additional devices

Free on site Survey

Contact us now and see how our reliable partnership service program can offer you both an additional income, and improve your park rating easily with great WiFi.