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Here at Benington Networks, we’re committed to helping you get and stay connected with our exceptional support service. To help you find what you’re looking for, below are our self-service Installation Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and how to get in touch with Us should you still have a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Wi-Fi password located?

Your Wi-Fi password is located on the bottom of your Air cube the password will be labeled WPA2: XXXXXXXXXX

Can I plug in a device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi?

Yes! There are two ports at the back of your airCube to plug other devices such as non-WiFi-enabled TVs and laptops into.

Where do I login to my broadband account to make a payment and see my account information?

To login to your account go to to make payments and see all your account information.

I’m connecting my Smart TV or TV Box to the internet at a site

We’re unable to help with the vast number of various TV devices, but our services provide a WiFi connection to any device (just as for example how you connect your mobile device), or in some cases the ability to physically connect a ethernet cable. Please, check your installation guides for your Smart TV / TV Box for further information.

Do we need to be on site for you to install and test it?

No, if you’re unavailable to be there during installation, we’ll make contact with your site to ensure keys are available.

What is included in the WiFi kit?

We provide you with a receiver, a router (cube), Power Block, installation guide, and all the data cables required.

How many mains sockets are required for the WiFi Kit?

In most cases you’ll require 1 mains socket near the where the router is to be located, but there is a different version that require 2.

Does the route have a direct RJ45 ethernet port?

Yes, there are 2 customer RJ45 ports available for your own use (Note: additional cables are not provided).

What upload / download speed is expected?

Up to 10 Mbps if opting for our streaming service and 1.8 Mbps for our general browsing package.

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