WiFi Experts for Leisure Park Owners

If you’re looking for happier customers, higher return rates and additional income for your leisure park or Marina You’ve come to the right place!

Connect your Guests with Benington WiFi

Excellent Wi-Fi connectivity now plays an essential role when holidaymakers are deciding where to stay. Benington Networks will deliver this for you. We’re also, an expert in providing reliable high-speed internet service to your site, even if your area is not yet served with Fibre or similar high-speed broadband service by Openreach or another national provider.

Guest WiFi

A fully customised Wi-Fi system and registration page for your guests to quickly and easily connect to the internet.

Broadband Anywhere

We’re experts in connecting remote locations to the high-speed internet access that holiday goers expect and need.

Additional Revenue

Generate additional revenue for your business through increased occupancy and our unique Wi-Fi revenue payment system.

Free on site Survey

Contact us now and see how our reliable partnership service program can offer you both an additional income, and improve your park rating easily with great WiFi.