Business Broadband Services

We know each location may have challenges when it comes to broadband speed, but with our experienced team of specialists and cutting-edge equipment, we are always here to help.

Creating Strong Connections

Holiday Home Broadband with our discreet reciever and internal routers

At Benington Networks, we believe the great WiFi and Broadband services we provide are founded upon our long lasting partnerships.

Working closely with our experienced team and prestigious Wi-Fi, Tech and British Holiday Park Organisations,  we are proud to deliver you and your customers with a WiFi and Broadband service you can trust.

Constructed using cutting edge WiFi and Broadband technology and developing innovative connectivity designs. You can be assured that your Leisure Site and customers receive the best service both on and off-site.

Is your Holiday Park WiFi fast and reliable?

Tailored to meet your WiFi requirements, experience great WiFi and enjoy the online world with Benington Networks.


Free On Site Holiday Park WiFi Survey Service making sure you get the best from your network and Holiday Home WiFi location.

WiFi Survey

Connect even the trickiest corner of your leisure site with our bespoke On Site Holiday Park WiFi Survey. Designed exclusively to you, we tailor the most efficient connectivity route throughout your site, so you and your guests receive fast and reliable WiFi.

WiFi Installation

Your Leisure Site is in good hands! With over 20 years of experience, trust our specialist team to deliver your customers with a great WiFi connection. We design and prebuild our equipment prior to the installation process, ensuring safety for both your customers and staff on site.

Experienced team of technicians helping you install and get connected to your Holiday Park WiFi.
We are here 24/7 keeping you and your customers protected and connected when using your Holiday Park WiFi services.

24/7 Monitoring

Protect your WiFi and Broadband services and keep your customers connected. At Benington Networks we work smarter, protecting your connection with our 24/7 monitoring. So you can rest assured your service will always be up to date and continuously supplying your site with a secure and reliable connection. 


Building great WiFi and Broadband

Equally important – In our partnership with you we believe in three main values.


Service Level Agreement

Future Proofing

Creating a WiFi and Broadband experience you and your customers can trust in and further enhancing our partnership with you well into the future.